Come esportare i Commenti da vTiger

Come sappiamo su vTiger possiamo esportare tutti i record che abbiamo nel CRM creando delle liste in excel. Per questo basta andare su qualsiasi modulo, selezionare “Azioni” e poi “Esporta”. Come vediamo sotto, possiamo esportare i possibili record che abbiamo selezionato, quelli della pagina corrente dove ci troviamo oppure tutti i record del modulo. Dopo … Continue reading Come esportare i Commenti da vTiger


Excel Tricks- Formula and Function

What's the Current Date or Time? You may be familiar with Excel's NOW function, which plugs the current date and time into your spreadsheet. Just enter =NOW() into any cell, and Excel displays the date and time formatted according to the regional options you've set for Windows. If you just want to see the date, use the … Continue reading Excel Tricks- Formula and Function

Excel Tricks- General

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts  Love your [Ctrl] key--for three reasons This three-fer will demonstrate why you should love and use your [Ctrl] key: Reason 1--Fast navigation. When you press [Ctrl] and any arrow key (north, east, south, or west), you jump to the last populated cell in that direction. Think of using the [Ctrl]-arrow key shortcut … Continue reading Excel Tricks- General

How to create a Report in vTiger CRM

One of the most under-utilized areas of vTiger is its Report Writer. The Report Writer can be found on the Analytics menu and comes with a series of preset reports across many of the modules. The report writer can generate reports from almost every module and can pull information from all related modules. The reports … Continue reading How to create a Report in vTiger CRM