Excel Tricks – Macros and VBA

Fun with Macros Macros can be useful if you do the same process over and over again.  Here’s how to create one. If you want to ‘record’ steps, Click on Tools, Macro, Record New Macro Type in a name for your Macro and perform all the steps you want to record Click the stop Recording … Continue reading Excel Tricks – Macros and VBA

Excel Tricks – Data

Transpose data from a row to a column, or vice-versa The best solution under the Paste Special menu. Start by selecting and copying your entire data range. Click on a new location in your sheet, then go to Edit | Paste Special and select the Transpose check box. Click OK, and Excel will transpose the … Continue reading Excel Tricks – Data

Excel Tricks- General

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts  Love your [Ctrl] key--for three reasons This three-fer will demonstrate why you should love and use your [Ctrl] key: Reason 1--Fast navigation. When you press [Ctrl] and any arrow key (north, east, south, or west), you jump to the last populated cell in that direction. Think of using the [Ctrl]-arrow key shortcut … Continue reading Excel Tricks- General