TSDomain Expire Notification Workflow

The Evolutivo Team golden Member Joe Bordes presents on this video a workflow which can be used as a notifying system on the different expires of the domains you are selling. The logic behind the workflow is reusable even for other different actions, not only expiring notifications. Go to the video and enjoy this new solution … Continue reading TSDomain Expire Notification Workflow


Logging and Tracking – Track your Information

Each user of our CRM has found himself at least once committing a single or mass change by mistake. In order to give power to the end users and free them from dependence on the IT staff to restore these changes and at the same time create a big picture of what is going on with the … Continue reading Logging and Tracking – Track your Information

Evolutivo Office

  EVOLUTIVO OfficeThe document management system EVOLUTIVO Office offers the ability to store digital documents produced by the company and catalog them automatically in a pyramidal system which will automatically create the customer reference, the practice and procedure to hang the document.    Why EVOLUTIVO Office?  Hot folders: a system that allows you to upload documents and files into your CRM through a folder located on your … Continue reading Evolutivo Office

Who is Evolutivo?

Evolutivo is a specialist in CRM solutions, which provides consulting, software support, training, development, and open-source solutions that help enterprises achieve revolutionary results.We were born from the collaboration between two of vtiger CRM Gold Partner: Tsolucio Consultoria Computing (leading companie worldwide in the implementation of customized solutions and in the community of vTiger CRM) and Studio Synthesis srl ( … Continue reading Who is Evolutivo?