About EvolutivoTeam

Evolutivo is a team of specialists in CRM solutions, which provides consulting, software support, training, development, and open-source solutions that help enterprises achieve revolutionary results.

We were born from the collaboration between two former vtigerCRM Gold Partner: Tsolucio Consultoria Computing (leading worldwide company in the implementation of customized solutions and part of the community of vTiger CRM) and Studio Synthesis srl (business processes consultants that use open source software for bringing efficient solutions to their customers).

The collaboration between these two entities over the years has led to the creation of a Joint Venture, a new company, Opencubed sh.p.k., completely dedicated to the development of code and solutions for the world of vTiger CRM. Evolutivo therefore represents the team up of these three reality, aiming not to stop in this.

We established a real network of companies enthusiastic about new technologies and open source solutions.

Serasoft, a leading Italian company in the world of Business Intelligence, joined in late 2011, Evolutivo is already working to bring on-demand BI solutions to customers and users of vTiger.

Studio Foschi, an experienced partner located in Rome, focusing in business consultancy and system integration.

Evolutivo has created several vertical solutions, working with companies to help them have the best of their customer relationships. Our main vertical issues are on the legal services, financial, insurance, Social Media, Production, and more. We work closely with our customers, using our extensive experience to improve business efficiency by improving processes and practices. This combination of expertise and commitment allows us to obtain significant results, which are key to our success in the market for CRM software.


Joe – Process and coreBOS chief architect

Andrea – Process and CRM architect 

Tea – Process and CRM architect

Marco – Sales and CRM senior consultant

Mara – help desk & admin

Software Developers

Lorida – Albana – Edlira – Drivalda – Elsida – Eri – Juljan

CRM and Process Consultants

Andrea – Elisa – Metjan – Klaudia – Odeta


Stefano – developer and system architect

Sara – graphic designer

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