4 steps to customize your CRM System


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After logging in, you will be presented a home page screen as shown in figure below :

screenshot-mydemo.evolutivo.it 2016-09-06 12-27-38.png

Step 1
The main area of the Home page dispays a block summary of the most important CRM information. You must change the order of these blocks by “drag and drop” with your mouse.

Step 2
Change the content of the Home Page by going and clicking My Preferences (look at the picture below to login area)
When you click on My Preferences a new window opens as displayed in Figure: My Preferences. This allows you to view and to edit user information and to set your own preferences:



The order and the content of the blocks shown at Home can be modified for each individual user. You may change the display order of these blocks at home by drag and drop. You may change the content by clicking on [My Preferences] and the [Edit] button. Mark the information blocks you would like to see at your home page display. In addition, you may define the conditions of displaying entries such as the “Default Lead View” and “Default Calandar View”.


Add components to Home Page as shown in picture by clicking Edit Preferences and shown to the table of Home Components:


In other tutorials we will show you how to add to your home page personalized reports and analytics!

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