20 tips & tricks to use your CRM

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  1. Caution to Internet Explorer users: Depending on your Internet Explorer version there is apparently a minor bug within page caching that affects AJAX client performance in some cases. If your CRM system slows down, we recommend to clear your browser cache.

  1. The % character can be used as wild cart for the search function. For example, if you have two contacts spelled “Meyer” and “Mayer” you may search for both by entering “M%yer” as the search term.

  1. If you click on [New Lead] at the Quick-Create menu you are offered a quick entry menu for leads, but only for name, company, phone and email entries.

  1. If you create a lead this lead will be assigned to you automatically. You may assign the lead to a different CRM user or user group by changing the content of the “Assigned To:” field to a different person or to a team.

  1. In addition to leads, contacts and accounts, data for products and potentials can be imported and exported. Furthermore, notes and emails can be exported.

  1. For the import and export of contact data you may also consider the MS Outlook plugin for Windows computer or the Thunderbird extension for Linux, Mac and Windows computer as they are provided with the CRM system.

  1. If you have to make multiple imports the CRM offers you to store the references you have selected for future use. Mark the check box [Save as Custom Mapping] and write a name of this reference in the entry field. Make sure that this name has not been used before. This Custom Mapping will be available at step 2 as Use Saved Mapping when you make the next import.

  1. If your data contain line feed or carriage return characters you have to remove them before importing the data into Excel. Such characters might be created by the CRM system if you have entries that uses multiple lines. This might for instance the case if you separate street name and suite number in an address entry by an additional line.

  1. Use the CRM’s capability to generate a subsequent operation from a given sales phase automatically. You can continue to use the data already entered. Only if there is no predecessor you may chose to enter the information to a sales phase directly.

  1. Be careful in defining sales stages for your company. If you define to many stages not all your coworkers might be able or willing to maintain a valid data base.

  1. Individual lists facilitate the work with the CRM system very much. However, mistakes in the list composition, especially by AND and OR operations, can lead to unexpected results. Therefore, it is recommended to untrained users to begin with simple lists with simple logical filters and to examine the results.

  1. You may use the Key Metrics for critical processes, in order to recognize immediately, if somewhat has changed. For instance, a sales person can see immediately if the service team has to solve critical tasks with a special customer; a manager can watch the progress in a sales cycle; a service coworker can see, if the company has won new customers etc.

  1. As more CRM entries are labeled with the same tag as bigger this tag will be displayed at the tag cloud.

  1. The CRM system can store your standard email signature and adds it to your message automatically. The signature is set by the My Settings menu at the CRMs Login Area.

  1. Your CRM system administrator may add additional custom field to your tickets or may change the contents of the drop down lists.

  1. It is advised that only one or a very limited number of users get administration privileges.

  1. Default field access settings include custom fields you may have created before.

  1. You should write down your content selection for further references. You will need it if you would like to convert leads to sales potentials as described in the following section.

  1. You may clone templates. Edit an existing template and store it under a different name.

  1. Depending on the speed of your access line to the FTP server, a backup of the full data base might slow down your logout procedure. If you do not need such frequent backups, check with your CRM system provider for other backup procedures.


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