5 Ways to Convert Leads Into Opportunities

5 Ways to Convert Leads Into OpportunitiesData-Driven Lead Intelligence: CRM accelerates your ability to make better sales and marketing decisions based on robust client and lead analytics. With better business intelligence, you can achieve a customer-centric view across your enterprise to attain greater efficiencies and increase marketing and sales productivity. Robust Marketing Analytics: CRM lets you create, track [...]


7 Steps Into Web Service Development

7 Steps Into Web Service Development (Best Practices)A Web Service should be defined with a WSDL (or WADL in case of REST) and all responses returned by the Web Service should comply with the advertised WSDL. This can, for example, be tested with tools like SoapUI or XMLSpy, which validate SOAPresponses against a WSDL.Use XML [...]

Tips & Tricks to Use Big Data

Tips & Tricks to Use Big DataThe value of an idea lies in the using of it.Thomas A. Edison, American InventorDatas are becoming more and more the key of developement of businesses. But data have no value if you don't have the right tools to analyse them and match together the puzzles to see the [...]