How CRM helps analysis

How CRM helps analysis

Create personalized reports on DEMO
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A CRM is the best way to create different reports that can help you on sales and marketing. This reports can be shown in a graphical view so you can analyse them easily even without been an expert analyst. Below, I did a tutorial of how you can create reports step by step and well-use the tools that CRM provides:

  1. Go to  reports:

2. Create a new report:

3. If you want to create a report for opportunities, choose the option below:
(it depends of what kind of report and analysis you want to do and show in a graphical way)

4. Set the name of the report and click “Avanti”

5. Pass this step without choosing anything and click again “Avanti”

6.  Choose the option “Report Riassuntivo” and “avanti”

7. Select the fields you want to inculte in the report and move them from left to right:  (In that case I selected the ones showed in the photo below)

8. Now, “Specifica Raggruppamento”
(In that example, let’s suppose we need to be shown “stadio di vendita” in the graphic)

9. Select “Somma” of “Opportunita – Ammotare” and “avanti”

10. Here, you can create different filters
(For the moment, I am not adding any filter, because I want to include all the opportunities)

11. You can choose to make this report public, private or share it with a small group:


12. Click “Fine” :

13. Now go to the end of the page and click “Aggiungi grafico a HomePage”:

14. Set the name of it and click “salva”:

15. Now go to the HomePage and you can see what you just created:

16. You can change the graphic (horizontal; vertical or pie) if you want:

“The ultimate authority must always rest with
the individual’s own reason and critical analysis.”
Dalai Lama

Enjoy your analysis! 🙂

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