How CRM helps analysis

  How CRM helps analysisCreate personalized reports on DEMOHow to...( CRM is the best way to create different reports that can help you on sales and marketing. This reports can be shown in a graphical view so you can analyse them easily even without been an expert analyst. Below, I did a tutorial of how you … Continue reading How CRM helps analysis


The essence of co-sourcing

The essence of co-sourcing"Co-sourcing combines the advantages of outsourcing and insourcing as it provides access to external expertise without having to completely give up internal control over processes (Gross, 2006)." Co-sourcing has helped many companies that don't have the staff capability to deploy new systems. For example, co-sourcing has been successful for information services projects ranging … Continue reading The essence of co-sourcing

Il cliente e non il prodotto al centro del business

Il cliente e non il prodotto al centro del businessGli studi dimostrano la probabilità che i clienti che sperimentano relazioni decisamente positive con un'azienda continuino ad acquistare da questa stessa azienda. Il Crm serve alle aziende per individuare e gestire i profili di clienti acquisiti e potenziali, così da mettere a punto attività e strategie … Continue reading Il cliente e non il prodotto al centro del business