MAR 8 Location Based Services – The Future Way of Doing Business!

The current trend of making use of electronic commerce and global business has put the importance of the clients’ location into a shipping-necessary level. Indeed, this is a very powerful piece of information if you know how to organize it well in your CRM system. To give you a hand in Vtiger, we have created an extension that does most of the job for you.

  • Get the contacts you have not followed in any way recently and suggests you to get in touch with them. You define the kind of communication you want to have;  phone call, email or meeting and we will add  them to the respective baskets. When you decide to organize them, get back to the baskets, decide the time and we will insert the respective events in your agenda for you. The latter basket is where our magic touch does the math for you.  Give us the most appropriate dates to travel, and we will plan your trip following the most convenient path. If you want to be in time for each appointment , access your CRM from your smart phone and we will give you the distance in time calculating the current traffic from the point you stand to the next destinations.

Much more to come… Stay Tuned!

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