Vtiger 6 – Problems with import

One of the biggest problem with vTiger 6, is the import of the records. 
Import related problems are in many, the non-ability to import files that have thousands of records, or even when this is possible, the creation of duplicate records, multiplying by many he number of records in the CRM
Since import is an essential part for every organization, this problems has been raised many times in the vTigercommunity offering complicated solutions like using custom scripts or the servers API, which truth be told is not easy for everybody to understand.

A much simpler solutions, easy for everybody to understand would be that of modifying the scheduler of vTiger, which means launching by ourselves  the cronjobs. This can be done in two ways.

    1.Using the terminal 

To start with this process we must first delete from the control panel the cronjob related to record import and then we have to start the import using vTiger native instrument. 
Deleting cronjob, vTiger
After doing this, we have to enter in the folder “cron” of the vTiger root and from there launch the file “vtigercron.sh”, this way the import will begin for any number of records without creating any duplicate. 

cron folder, vTiger root, vtigercreon.sh file
1    1.  Using the panel 
Using this second way, from the panel it is enough to start the import from the CRM, and after the first record have been imported we have to delete the cronjob related to the import that we find in te Cronjob menu from the panel. After the importation has finished we have to insert the same cronjob always using the panel. 


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