Why are we here? coreBOS RELIABILITY

First time i publish something about coreBOS… philosophy, and in this small blog post i would like to share about “why are we here… using coreBOS” as an extension to our vtigerCRM offering, as consultants for our clients.
The idea comes from a new post from Joe Bordes, indiscussed leader of the small team of adventurers that are going down the perils of a “fork” of vtiger (the n-uple fork, someone would say).
The post is this: “Undefined error” for filters, and it just tell us that in the coreBOS trunk in the github repository, Joe solved the looooooong standing problem of the advanced conditions in filters that can “broke” the query and give an “undefined” error.
People using vtiger knows how is annoying that error, and more than users, the consultants that are advising those users…
What i would like to stress here is the message that Joe and the community of coreBOS is giving in this way: we believe that vtiger crm is really a great piece of software and that can solve many business problems and digitalize many (if not all) business processes. Joe is working to make it even more stable, performing and in a word RELIABLE.
This message if for the business consultants, not for the users. If i’m going to give a software to a client of mine… this has to be “perfect”. We know perfection is not a state but it is a process. Ok we are here to help in that process.
PS We have now 3 clients in production with coreBOS… last time we aligned the client installation with the main repository… it took 2 hours. We committed more than 100 patches. WOW. Great work Joe! We are backing your efforts.

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