The evolving world of Data

A webinar from insideanalysis: Optimizing the Data Warehouse for Big Data  The data warehouse is not going away anytime soon, yet organizations often find a real challenge when trying to optimize their existing environment for big data. Many look to Hadoop for the answer, but the key is to architect the right data flow management to keep … Continue reading The evolving world of Data


Changing the default home page in vtiger crm

By default, when you log in vTiger CRM it takes you to the Home Page Dashboard; which consists of a series of customizable information boxes / widgets. These boxes display lists and charts of key metrics. Many users however prefer going directly to a specific module when logging in and with one quick configuration change, … Continue reading Changing the default home page in vtiger crm

How to use vtiger CRM Workflows

vTiger CRM features a sophisticated Project Management System that creates Projects and associated Tasks. Very few full priced CRM systems feature a fully loaded Project Management System and yet vTiger CRM gives it to you for free.   So let’s say you create a Project called Website Updates which will have a series of tasks … Continue reading How to use vtiger CRM Workflows

How to create a Report in vTiger CRM

One of the most under-utilized areas of vTiger is its Report Writer. The Report Writer can be found on the Analytics menu and comes with a series of preset reports across many of the modules. The report writer can generate reports from almost every module and can pull information from all related modules. The reports … Continue reading How to create a Report in vTiger CRM