Marketing Dashboard

Evolutivo Team has been using from a year now the Marketing Dashboard, a useful component missing on the vast majority of the CRM‘s in production. The marketing Dashboard combines the user friendly grafical user interface with a customizable set of parameters and conditions.

                                                  What is the Marketing Dashboard?


The Marketing Dashboard is a powerful tool of massive marketing activities such as massive change status of the potential clients/clients and partners and sending masive emails. The basis on which it works is a set of records chosen according to the module they belong to, a set of parameters and conditions, a clustering additive technique and the list of the output on wich the action will be done. The marketing dashboard also offers other addittional features such as Marketing Campaigns data and feedback.

Why does my company need the Marketing Dashboard?

The marketing dashboard is intended for every company that is focused on massive marketing campaigns and that needs a immediate feedback from its potential clients. The marketing dashboard :

  • Sends massive emails, newsletter, announcements in a high speed and riability.
  • Creates Tasks and Opportunities starting from the clustered or filtered contacts, leads or accounts.
  • Offers a wide range of parameters and the possibility to create customized macrocategories of parameters according to your needs.
How to use the Marketing Dashboard

Aluminum Grey Contacts Icon

The marketing dashboard offers a clean and structured user interface, by guiding the user into setting his own parameters for:
filtering the existing account
creating the tasks or opportunities for these accounts
sending marketing or reminder mails by using the email template system
connecting the accounts to the marketing campaign

So what you do is an import of the accounts to be contacted by just selecting a filter on these accounts, choosing some excluding parameters, removing manually the accounts that you don’t want to use(if there ins’t any filter that does it for you automatically), linking these contacts to the campaign in order to reuse them and the feedback of the campaign, and pressing SEND.


The advantage of such a system is the  feedback on a mail marketing campaign. Once the emails are sent what it may be of interest for you to know is how receivers have reacted. Did they open them, deleted them without even opening, did they read them and if so how many times? Also other activities are reported and so, you can create a new marketing campaign from grouping accounts according to these result. You can use this feedback in order to create your own path through your company’s marketing campaigns.

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