Logging and tracking – Track your Information

Each user of our CRM has found himself at least once committing a single or mass change by mistake. In order to give power to the end users and free them from dependence on the IT staff to restore these changes and at the same time create a big picture of what is going on with the information you have in your system, and monitoring each single step in your business process, we have prepared something that could really help you.

Here, at Evolutivo, we created an extension to manage tracking any change in any entity through the use of a new module in the system. You can choose the Module and Fields that you want to track, making it a real value in your routine if you configure it properly based on the flow of the information in each module. It brings the power of the Database Administrators into the simple users and moreover you know that you will not make any mistake that cannot be restored.
Below there is a short tutorial giving the idea how this all works:
1) First you need to select the Modules that you want to track.
To do this, go to:
  • Tools – Configuration Logging
  • Press the button ‘Add Module’ and select the Modules you want, and then click ‘Add’
  • Press the button ‘Edit’ to select all the Fields that you want to track in that Module, press ‘Save’

2) To use it, go to one of the modules you have chosen to track and change at least one of the fields that you have configured in any record.

3) To see the traces in a record, in detailview go to the ‘Additional Information’, under ‘Monitoring of Changes’ and you will see something like this:


4) To redo a change, you can press ‘Restore’.
5) If you do not know which were the RECORDS you changed, follow these steps:

  • Tools ->  Tracking Changes
  • You can make a search having an idea of at least one of the following field values, and see the results
  • The fields are: Module: The module that has been modified, Record: Record modified Creation Time: The time when the change is made, Made by: the user who made ​​the change.
If you need more powerful information on this process, ask us and we will provide dashboards and charts to have this information more organized and very useful for different categories of users. Make the best of your data and keep them safe with our solutions!
Stay tuned for more or ask us for your specific use case! Happy CRM-ing to all!
Enjoy your holidays…

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