Adocmaster Module to import csv files

For the import of the csv files in vtiger we have developed a new module called Adocmaster which splits the procedure of importing in four steps.

Below you will be introduced to its functionality, usage and specific requests.

You can access the Adocmaster module once you have it in your vtiger by clicking on the icon Import Adocmaster.

After having done so, you have to deal with the first step.which consist in selecting the csv file that you want to upload and other specific things about the content of the file. If the document you are uploading has an header then you have to check the “Has an Header” check-box  also you have to select the deliminator(which usually from excel is an “;”) and the format. By pressing Next you can continue with the second step.
The next step consists in mapping the imported field from with the existing ones in vtiger. If you already have a Personalized Mapping saved before than you can use it instead of mapping again and if you have mapped and want to save that mapping in order to reuse it check the Save as Personalized mapping checkbox. To go on with the next step click on Import Now button as shown below.

The next step is about cleaning (or merging) the duplications of the fields. You can chose between the manual or automatic merge and also decide whether you want to have the the duplicates ignored, overwroten  or updated. This step also offers the possibility to select manually which fields should undergo an scanner for finding duplicated records.

The idea behind the procedure of importing that was presented above consists in having a clean and real data from a cvs to the vtiger CRM fields, avoiding duplication  long procedures of mapping every time you import and choosing from a clean interface a field on vtiger for each imported field.

You can ask more about this extension by writing us on


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