Menu Manager

Menu Manager is an EvolutivoTeam extention for vtiger. The main idea behind the development of this new extention consists in the need to create, manage, change names, reorder and structure the menus and menu items on vtiger. Also the menu manager attempts to give to the maintainer and user of the vtiger CRM the possibility to create shortcuts to the most common actions, in order to have them located in an easy and time-saving menu.

After a lot of experience in developing the vtiger code in order to customize and personalize it to the different business structures and needs we have come to understand that the neck of the bottle consists in the not-so-user-friendly interface and not-so-easy-to-modify structure (as it’s not just a matter of coding but the problem in a CRM enlarges itself in the business processes and  what they mean to a programmer). So after Evolutivo vtApps we made the next step in developing in order to access and modify the interface.

Menu Manager after being downloaded can be installed to your vtiger and it will be locate as you can see in the picture below.

Menu Manager, vTiger CRM
The interface above is the one intended for the Menu Manager. It is divided in two areas the Menu Area and the Shortcut Area.
Menu Manager, Menu Area, Shortcut Area, vTiger CRM
The Menu Area shows a structure of the menu and menu items as below. It offers the possibility to create a Menu and a Menu Item by clicking in the above two buttons. The name of the Menus and Menu Items are easily editable by double clicking on their name. Also you can drag and drop to reorder the Structure of the menus.To make a Menu visible you should add at list one Menu Item to It.
Add Menu vTiger CRM
For the creation of a menu Item you should use the Shortcut panel.
Add new shortcut, vTiger CRM

After clicking on the Add New Shortcut button you’ll have to insert the Shortcut Information.On the Label field you’ll have to put the name of a menu Item that you have already created. On the Menu Field you’ll have to select from a picklist the menu that contains that Label(Menu Item). The URL serves to add the link to the “action” that you’ll want the Label to do.Actually it directs you to an existing page inside your vtiger CRM. On the sequence you chose the order of the Menu Item in the dropdown list of the Menu and permissions determines which level of the hierarchy of the roles in vtiger can see this Menu Item. In order to set permissions in seeing and using the menu item, you should choose between the existing roles. Last you need to check the Visible checkbox in order to make it visible according to the permissions you have assigned.

Edit Menu Item, vTiger CRM

The Labels can be edited from this interface by clicking the edit button.

Edit a Label, vTiger CRM

An extra feature of this interface is the ability to organize all Labels(Menu Items) according to a parameter that you choose and have them organized in that logic you determine. Obviously the parameter you choose should be one that structures and organizes the Labels according to a real specific need. Obviously you cant sort the Labels according to their URL because an URL belong to one and only one Label. But if you want to see how the labels are structured according to the Menu belonging then you can drag and drop the Menu as showed in the picture above.

Menu Manager, Labels, vTiger CRM

After doing so the view would be like below.

Organized Menu, vTiger CRM

If you are interested in trying or having this extension in you vtiger CRM send us an email:


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