Creators & Builders – a new way of interaction between the user and the system

Those who work or have worked with Vtiger CRM are very well known to the tools, at
least the official ones, that a user can manage quite easily to change the system from the outside.
Tools that goe from the layout and picklist editors to the workflows for tasks, events or emails till
the mos recient picklist dependency, cron job scheduler or menu editor.

Many more of these tools are being created outside the official version according to the clients increasing requests and needs for a bigger management of the system throughout the interface. 

The Evolutivo initiave has taken this ‘phenomenon’ to the next level. And the next level
is composed of Creators and Builders.

What are they?

Well, the name is rather self’-explanatory. They are very specialized tools that give to the user/client the power of creating or building particular functionalities of the Vtiger CRM using only the interface
and of course, their knowledges of the system and business requests and specifications.

They let you create things inside the CRM through a simple but professional interface. Most importantly they let you create things that before could only be done programmatically.

What’s the benefit?

The benefits are quite outstanding:

  •  Easy to use interface and procedure.
  • Less time consuming by the fact that you won’t need a programmer to get the specifications right then get into your code, change something, enter in the bug and debug process and back (and that is said by a programmer!).
  • Increase of the system control by the user. A better control is a better management, more precise functionalities and the power to do things that before couldn’t be done with a few clicks. Doing by yourself most of the things you really want to get from your CRM system , is something meaningful. And remember, you could always change something and do it even better. 

Creators and Builders: some examples

Some of the tools already done in this sense are: the Workflow Creator to create workflow custom
functions (scripts) based on two related modules in both directions. The script is used to update field values from one module to the other with aggregations or even conditioning.
The Demo Builder to build a Vtiger CRM complete folder with configurations.
The Module Builder to build vtlib scripts for custom modules, fields (especially uitype 10), related lists etc.
The Email Cronjob Creator to create cronjob scripts executed based on some conditions with email sending. 
The Import Wizard to create import scripts with specific mapping and conditions.
much more to come in the next posts…


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