Gmail Bookmarklet

What is Gmail Bookmarklet?

It is an Evolutivo powered application that enables the users of the vtiger CRM and Gmail to create tasks and projects from the mails and have them synchronized to the respective tasks and projects on vtiger.
      It also makes it possible through ActiveInBox to assign the status of a project which automatically influences in the Timecontrol of a project. The Timecontrol refers to the duration of a task, labeled as H (for hours). If you don’t assign the time it will automatically set it to 4 Hours.
     You can choose the responsible for a project by assigning to it the label U (for User). Obviously the user should be in your contacts as well in the user list of your vtiger CRM.
   You can synchronize also the deadline date for an email converted in a project or project task by using the label ZD.

Gmail Bookmarklet is an extension that can be used easily, as a routine procedure by the companies that have a well organized Project list, with the projects assigned to thei users, related to the clients and a monitored timing for the projects.

Can I use Gmail Bookmarklet if I don’t have a well defined list of projects?
Yes, because Gmail Bookmarklet allows you to set up new projects manually, even though you din’t have them on you CRM.

Can I have my Projects assigned to the users(which might be employers, suppliers or else) and have them interacing with my Gmail account?
Yes, Evolutivo Team offers to build up your Project List, with a different easier interface with the related list view to the above mentioned modules.

Project List, vTiger CRM

How to use Gmail Bookmarklet?

Gmail Bookmarklet as a plugin nedds to be installed in your vtiger CRM. Once installed you will see the Gmail Bookmarklet icon in your CRM interface. By drag-and-dropping it to the Bookmarks Bar you will be able to make vtiger and Gmail “interact”.

Bookmarks Bar, vTiger CRM

Now go to your Gmail account and notice the labels above which should be enabled if you use ActiveInBox.If not create them manually as you do for a new project instead use the labels mentioned at the first paragraph of this article.
example: U/t.tavanxhiu

gmail account, ActiveInBox

Then open an email you want to convert into task of a project. Assign to it the name of the project, the name of the task (example: P/Project/Task), the assigned user, the duration in hours (example: H/1   means 1 hour)
and also the date (example: ZD: 2012-09-19).

gmail account, task

After having done the above procedure go to the Gmail Bookmarklet icon on your Bookmarks Bar and click on it. At first it will ask you to log in. Do so.

Gmail Bookmarklet, Login

Then close the dialogue window and ri-click the Gmail Bookmarklet icon. You will enter inside the “Create Task view”. Automatically the Subject of the email becomes the task’s name, you can change it manually, the first rows of the email become the description of the task, if the mail is assigned to a user then the Gmail Bookmarklet assignes it to the task, if not you will be assigned to the task. If you are dealing with an existing task and you want to update it (or modify it), you can check the Update(Aggiorna in the picture below) button.

Gmail Bookmarklet, vTiger CRM

The Gmail Bookmarklet allows you to select wich parameter you want to use for the task created. It might be Project Task, Trouble Tickets, Accounts, Contacts, Leads, User, Vendors (or even other specific modules that we can enable on your demand).

Gmail Bookmarklet, vTiger, Timecontrol Information

If you want to try it yourself or access the demo with the Gmail Bookmarklet send us an email at


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