Evolutivo Gendoc

Your outsourced Legal and Security department

Evolutivo Gendoc is a solution that consists in integrating in a unique concept the functionality and database of a CRM, the management of the human resources, an e-learning platform for the online training and other basic functionality such as the calendar, reports, massive campaigns etc.




In what does it consist?

         E-Lerning Platform                                                                                                                 Toolbox

Organised in courses,tuition, tests                                                                                             Reporting

Reports over the progress of a user                                                                                          Integrated with other software(Google Apss)

Access to the portal                                                                                                                        Offline-Mobile Client

White Labeling                                                                                                                                  : personal data, visits, calendar, courses

  • Legal Documents Generation by using the questioner and checklist
  • Time scheduling management (related to employees, clients)
  • Online training
  • Compatible with mobile devices iPad-iPhone-Android using devices
  • Costumer portal for the Medical examinations
  • Management of the security devices
  • Privacy Law Integration into the CRM
  • Wiki integrated
Additional Features

Gmail Bookmarklet

Is an extension that syncs the tasks from the calendar of the CRM with those created from your Gmail account. It allows you to have your emails classified according to the correspondent project, generate a new task from a mail, and track the time spent on each task/project comparing it to the deadlines set before.

Marketing Dashboard

Is a new interface developed by the Evolutivo Team that allows you to crate massive campaigns, massive tasks from the contacts/clients/employees by choosing the parameters.

Time Control 

A new interface that enables the user to create massive campaigns, massive tasks, send massive emails by choosing the preferred parameters.

Send an email to info@evolutivo.it if you are interested in trying a demo.




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