Getting Things Done

from wikipedia:
Getting Things Done!” is the title of a David Allen book, which handels a time an organisation management system of your own activities. The method is widely known as GTD (which refears also to a registered brand)
The GTD assumes that people need to clear their minds from the worry to remember tasks, appointments and details. The method states “liberate the mind from the job of remembering everything that needs to be done”, and then concentrate fully on ‘”perform these tasks.”
GTD is based on the use of external memory as a “trusted system” to keep track of things to do, and this was associated with the theory of external memory and distributed cognition.

After the first publication in 2001, the GTD has become a real management model for managing time and projects, or, following the definition of the author himself: a method “to manage commitments, information and communication. 

Evolutivo Team uses  this system since the summer of 2011 in a profitable way and with great relief to our mind. In addition, throughout the year 2012 with the help of our developers we are also able to integrate two software we use the most in the routine of daily work: the gmail and our management company (a version of Evolutionary vtigerCRM).
For any question or request don’t hesitate to send us an email at

Getting Things Done


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