Business Intelligence – Ambient

The integration of Business Intelligence technologies with CRM platforms i fully based on the usage of the data inside the CRM you are already using. The reason for such integration lies in the importance of the exploration of the data which overpasses the level of managing them. The “reporting” of vtiger CRM has considerable limits which can be exceeded bu the WYSIWYG editor for advanced reporting. You can also browse through data using OLAP cubes, dashboards and create actions to manage business processes that will help you take control of your business.

Our best partner in UK for BI matters is the consultancy group Ambient specialized in the Pentaho BI Suite. Based in Edinburgh Ambient  has been building Business Intelligence solutions for a range of clients all over Europe for the last 5 years. Providing full blown BI systems to 3 day POCs. 


  • PENTAHO BI SUITE                                                                 (read more) 
  • C TOOLS                                                                                  (read more)
  • SAIKU ANALYTICS                                                                 (read more)



Want to see what the fuss with Open Source Business Intelligence is all about? Then give our Demo BI Server a try!  Click Here



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