Entity converter

What is the entity converter?

Entity converter is an extension which is developed by the Evolutivoteam offering the possibility to a vtiger user to search for Contacts and Leads and convert them into Tasks and Potentials. It is thought to use filters to search the contacts, and the status to search into Leads.

By putting the parameters such as status, due date, assigned to etc you define what you want to see from the new entities that will be created. One noticeable component is the Chose Campaign option, in which by choosing one of the existing campaigns, you will later decide which contacts to link to it.

The power of this “tool” consists in bringing out of all this converted entities projects and task. By ordering the entities converted (with an easy drag and drop of the fields selected) you can either convert them into potentials or tasks, offering for the first inside a vtiger the concept of massive campaigns.

The picture above is a screenshot explaining the creation of the filtered Contacts and Leads

And in the above screenshot you can see how to create massive campaigns by the entities selected.


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