EVO Medical is a tailored solution designed to meet the management needs of the clinics. Drawn from a pond of experts in business processes, adviced from the leading figures in the medical management, EVO Medical allows you to manage and easily integrate data, the documents and notices of the surgery.



Separate Authentication: for each doctor, the medical director,for administrative staff, with rights of access data and modify them

Shared Agenda: and personal calendars for individuals, with the possibility of consulting, remote activation reminder connected to all the relevant entities in the system (appointments,reports, receipts, …)

History and reports: differentiated by the various medical specialties, with data storage in the database and functions to merge files with MS Word and OpenOffice

Fiscal Receipts: of doctors to patients, consecutively numbered parallel, and bills of the medical research. Export to PDF of receipts and invoices

Estimates: with exports in PDF and sent directly through e-mail

Intermodular Reporting: of visits, patients, doctors, receipts, invoices, …

Additional Implementations

Web portal for patients – the ability to view their receipts, request an appointment, and access the knowledge base
Sending text messages – reminders for appointments to patients
Integration with the web site – the surgery (lead capturing, …)
Marketing campaigns – online and off-line campaigns, on current and potential customers, with management of mass communications to merge e-mail and paper
Sending and receiving faxes over the Internet (order processing and other suppliers)
Integration with other existing software in the office to exchange / synchronize data

  • Client / server architecture, 100% web-based: no installation required (and maintenance) of software on user workstations
  • Full compatibility with all major operating systems
  • User-friendly, intuitive
  • Administration panel of the application web-based
  • Flexibility and ease of customization of the grid data and the graphic

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