EVOLUTIVO Human Resource

EVO Human Resource is a vertical solution, developed by EVOLUTIVOTEAM from vtiger CRM. Through the introduction of additional modules and functionalities vtiger CRM has been transformed into a real manager of human resources. You can use the software to manage : Employees, Departments, Corporate Organization, applicants, internal Help Desk, Documentation and much more.

Why EVO Human Resource?

EVO Human Resource is a support tool for decision making linked to Human Resources department of a company through which you can transform information into a useful mechanism to managers. For example, identify resources important to have the best to fill a certain position, or highlight the most critical gap between expected and actual competence in key roles.

Other features…

Shared Document Services : Allows you to publish business notifications and related documentation allowing the staff to consult information of interest to them(vacation plan, contract data).

Mapping of Human Resources: The users are placed on a hierarchy that maps in the organizational hierarchy of the company. You can also monitor user access, in order to verify the activity of each in relation to data of jurisdiction.

HR Workflow: Deadline management of the company for human resources (maternity, apprenticeship, test period, etc..) with the possibility to provide communications in either manual and automated.


EVO Human Resource means having an evolutionary approach!
You will have solutions that allow the sharing of information and knowledge. The reduction of cost, complexity and the timing is ensured.



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