Entity converter

What is the entity converter? Entity converter is an extension which is developed by the Evolutivoteam offering the possibility to a vtiger user to search for Contacts and Leads and convert them into Tasks and Potentials. It is thought to use filters to search the contacts, and the status to search into Leads. By putting … Continue reading Entity converter


How to build a case for CRM

If you are a manager who has benefited from CRM in a previous role but now find yourself using an inadequate CRM solution we understand your pain. We often speak to managers who have tried and failed to gain buy-in from colleagues to implement CRM and are attempting to build a compelling business case for … Continue reading How to build a case for CRM


EVO Medical is a tailored solution designed to meet the management needs of the clinics. Drawn from a pond of experts in business processes, adviced from the leading figures in the medical management, EVO Medical allows you to manage and easily integrate data, the documents and notices of the surgery.   Features... Separate Authentication: for each doctor, the medical director,for administrative staff, … Continue reading EVOLUTIVO Medical

EVOLUTIVO Human Resource

EVO Human Resource is a vertical solution, developed by EVOLUTIVOTEAM from vtiger CRM. Through the introduction of additional modules and functionalities vtiger CRM has been transformed into a real manager of human resources. You can use the software to manage : Employees, Departments, Corporate Organization, applicants, internal Help Desk, Documentation and much more. Why EVO Human Resource? EVO Human Resource is a support tool for … Continue reading EVOLUTIVO Human Resource

Evolutivo Office

EVOLUTIVO Office The document management system EVOLUTIVO Office offers the ability to store digital documents produced by the company and catalog them automatically in a pyramidal system which will automatically create the customer reference, the practice and procedure to hang the document.   Why EVOLUTIVO Office? Hot folders: a system that allows you to upload documents and files into your CRM through … Continue reading Evolutivo Office

Linking Contact to Companies

Is it possible in vtiger to link a contact to different companies in order to see the companies linked every time you call the contact? In vtiger independently from the version used, you can not link a contact to more than one company, meaning that the relationship accounts-contacts is one to many (and not many … Continue reading Linking Contact to Companies

Do I need a CRM system for my organisation?

So how does an organisation know if it needs a CRM system? Surprisingly, there is no simple answer to this. The deployment of CRM solutions in organisations both small and large has become so widespread, that to stay competitive, it is essential that at least some form of system is in place to manage your … Continue reading Do I need a CRM system for my organisation?