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Entity converter

What is the entity converter?

Entity converter is an extension which is developed by the Evolutivoteam offering the possibility to a vtiger user to search for Contacts and Leads and convert them into Tasks and Potentials. It is thought to use filters to search the contacts, and the status to search into Leads.

By putting the parameters such as status, due date, assigned to etc you define what you want to see from the new entities that will be created. One noticeable component is the Chose Campaign option, in which by choosing one of the existing campaigns, you will later decide which contacts to link to it.

The power of this “tool” consists in bringing out of all this converted entities projects and task. By ordering the entities converted (with an easy drag and drop of the fields selected) you can either convert them into potentials or tasks, offering for the first inside a vtiger the concept of massive campaigns.

The picture above is a screenshot explaining the creation of the filtered Contacts and Leads

And in the above screenshot you can see how to create massive campaigns by the entities selected.

How to build a case for CRM

If you are a manager who has benefited from CRM in a previous role but now find yourself using an inadequate CRM solution we understand your pain.

We often speak to managers who have tried and failed to gain buy-in from colleagues to implement CRM and are attempting to build a compelling business case for new investment.

What compounds their frustration is the knowledge that without an effective CRM solution their ability to raise performance standards is restricted.

To create awareness, gain buy-in and navigate the often political issue of getting sanction for a CRM project, here are some tips to help you cultivate support from the top.


Seniors managers can be detached from customer touch points and may lack awareness of the actual pain points in customer service delivery, especially if current reporting is poor.

If you can get decision makers to experience and recognise issues they’ll be able to translate them into problems that every manager wants to solve – high customer churn, poor lead conversion and rising service costs.


If senior managers and directors are already switched on to the benefits of using CRM but aren’t convinced there will be buy-in across the organisation, look for critical metrics e.g. cost of sale, cost of servicing customers, return from marketing activities etc.

If you can immediately demonstrate ways to measure them and name the people who’ll be responsible for using CRM to achieve improved results, it will add strength to your case for CRM investment.

Business intelligence reports and key performance indicators matter to senior managers.

A useful way to promote a CRM project is to identify critical metrics, demonstrates ways to measure them and name the people who’ll be responsible for using CRM to improve this performance.


Ask senior decision makers to talk to industry peers who have implemented a successful CRM strategy.

Networking tools such as ‘LinkedIn’ make this type of interaction very effective.

If they can see that competitors, advisors and business partners are gaining an advantage from CRM it helps you to build a more compelling case.


As well as ensuring that a CRM strategy and technology will adapt to longer term needs it’s critical to demonstrate how short term gains can be achieved.

Successful CRM projects often start with initial deployments to a small number of high priority teams where CRM technology has enabled them to quickly improve their process and achieve a rapid improvement.

Once early results are established, there’s a solid basis to extend CRM into other areas of the business.

We’ve long recommended a phased approach to CRM projects as the best way to get started quickly and to achieve early results that will secure buy-in for further investment in future CRM phases.


With so many CRM solutions available it’s easy to build a shortlist that runs to several dozen options.

Decision makers don’t have time to sift and choose from multiple CRM vendors so don’t expect a positive outcome if you’ve recommended as many as 5 or more CRM solutions in your plan. Do your research and narrow the choices.

CRM specialists like Preact will help you evaluate solutions, answer your pre-sales questions and provide recommendations to demonstrate how your objectives can be achieved.


EVO Medical is a tailored solution designed to meet the management needs of the clinics. Drawn from a pond of experts in business processes, adviced from the leading figures in the medical management, EVO Medical allows you to manage and easily integrate data, the documents and notices of the surgery.



Separate Authentication: for each doctor, the medical director,for administrative staff, with rights of access data and modify them

Shared Agenda: and personal calendars for individuals, with the possibility of consulting, remote activation reminder connected to all the relevant entities in the system (appointments,reports, receipts, …)

History and reports: differentiated by the various medical specialties, with data storage in the database and functions to merge files with MS Word and OpenOffice

Fiscal Receipts: of doctors to patients, consecutively numbered parallel, and bills of the medical research. Export to PDF of receipts and invoices

Estimates: with exports in PDF and sent directly through e-mail

Intermodular Reporting: of visits, patients, doctors, receipts, invoices, …

Additional Implementations

Web portal for patients – the ability to view their receipts, request an appointment, and access the knowledge base
Sending text messages – reminders for appointments to patients
Integration with the web site – the surgery (lead capturing, …)
Marketing campaigns – online and off-line campaigns, on current and potential customers, with management of mass communications to merge e-mail and paper
Sending and receiving faxes over the Internet (order processing and other suppliers)
Integration with other existing software in the office to exchange / synchronize data

  • Client / server architecture, 100% web-based: no installation required (and maintenance) of software on user workstations
  • Full compatibility with all major operating systems
  • User-friendly, intuitive
  • Administration panel of the application web-based
  • Flexibility and ease of customization of the grid data and the graphic

EVOLUTIVO Human Resource

EVO Human Resource is a vertical solution, developed by EVOLUTIVOTEAM from vtiger CRM. Through the introduction of additional modules and functionalities vtiger CRM has been transformed into a real manager of human resources. You can use the software to manage : Employees, Departments, Corporate Organization, applicants, internal Help Desk, Documentation and much more.

Why EVO Human Resource?

EVO Human Resource is a support tool for decision making linked to Human Resources department of a company through which you can transform information into a useful mechanism to managers. For example, identify resources important to have the best to fill a certain position, or highlight the most critical gap between expected and actual competence in key roles.

Other features…

Shared Document Services : Allows you to publish business notifications and related documentation allowing the staff to consult information of interest to them(vacation plan, contract data).

Mapping of Human Resources: The users are placed on a hierarchy that maps in the organizational hierarchy of the company. You can also monitor user access, in order to verify the activity of each in relation to data of jurisdiction.

HR Workflow: Deadline management of the company for human resources (maternity, apprenticeship, test period, etc..) with the possibility to provide communications in either manual and automated.


EVO Human Resource means having an evolutionary approach!
You will have solutions that allow the sharing of information and knowledge. The reduction of cost, complexity and the timing is ensured.


Evolutivo Office


The document management system EVOLUTIVO Office offers the ability to store digital documents produced by the company and catalog them automatically in a pyramidal system which will automatically create the customer reference, the practice and procedure to hang the document.



Hot folders: a system that allows you to upload documents and files into your CRM through a folder located on your PC.

Document Manager for the Company and the Customer: all the business documents and files in one place,orderly and effective. Business supplies, enclosures, adapters, customers and various documents managed in a certain way.
Customer repository: a single place to view and store all data about their customers. A tidy environment where the data of our customers remains safe